LongMeadow Kennels & Partners      
  Dover, PA ~ License # 4226  & License # pending

Dedicated breeders of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers


Our Chessies

Most of our dogs used for breeding live in private family homes.  We do however keep up to ten dogs at the kennel for folks who would like to see the different genders and coat styles/colors. 

We rotate our dogs kept at our kennel into socialization homes for several months yearly to give them new experiences.  We welcome inquires about providing one of our outstanding kennel dogs a loving temporary home.


 Retired Stud Dog ~ CH Towerview R Big Loan Ranger (Ranger)

Retired Stud Dog ~ LongMeadow Big Gun Powder (Duke/BB)
Retired Stud Dog ~ LongMeadow Greek God Apollo SH (Apollo)
Stud Dog ~ LongMeadow Scandalous Casanova (Romeo)

Stud Dog ~ CH LongMeadow Cooper (Cooper)

Retired Stud Dog ~ LongMeadow Highbrass Trapper (Trapper)
Retired Stud Dog ~ CH LongMeadow Bull Run  (Bull)
Retired Stud Dog ~ LongMeadow North X NW (Hitchcock)
Retired Stud Dog ~ CH Pond Hollow North Potomac CD (Mac)
Female ~ LongMeadow Nestle's Big Powder  (Nestle)
Female ~ LongMeadow Little Latte   (Ellie)
Female ~ LongMeadow Muddy Run   (Muddy)
Retired Female ~ LongMeadow Appomattox (Maddie)
Female ~ LongMeadow Lonaconing (Lona)
Retired Female ~ LongMeadow Ridge of Tangier
Female ~ LongMeadow Meter Maid  (Rita)
Female ~ LongMeadow Kittamaqundi  (Kista)
Retired Female ~ LongMeadow Ridge of Tangier (Tangier)


Retired dogs no longer reside at the kennel.  We retire females around five years of age and males at six years of age. Please feel free to inquire about any dog's up coming retirement forever home!