Longmeadow Chesapeakes      
  Dover, PA ~ Kennel License # 4226 

*** NEW 2019 Litters ***              *** NEW 2019 Litters  ***





Regulatory Facts pertaining to LongMeadow Kennels:

At LongMeadow we sell dogs and puppies used for breeding, gunning work, security and as family companions.  We are a professional hobby kennel.  We only breed and sell Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.  We do not board or train dogs other than dogs owned/co-owned or bred by us.  We are licensed and inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture and the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Under our current noncommercial kennel license we are limited by the state of PA to only produce/sell/place 59 animals per year- which averages under 8 litters per year.




APHIS (Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service) Facts pertaining to LongMeadow Kennels:

  • We do NOT broker animals
    We are NOT a retail pet store
    We are NOT a commercial kennel
    We are NOT an animal whole seller
    We do NOT sell animals sight unseen
    We are NOT an internet sales operation
    We do NOT participate in animal auctions
    We do NOT ship animals using commercial carriers