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Longmeadow Heaven Sent Gabrielle
Call name: “Gabby”

Gabby Statistics
DOB: Jan 2011
Color: Light Brown
Height: 23 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 68 pounds
OFA Hips: CB-10582G44F-VPI
OFA Elbows: CB-EL2456F44-VPI
OFA Patella: CB-PA77/44F/P-VPI
OFA Cardiac: Clear/Normal
OFA CERF: Clear/Normal
DM DNA: Results Pending
PRA DNA: Clear by parentage


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LongMeadow Heaven Sent Gabrielle ~“Gabby”

5GenCOI = 0.78%
10GenCOI = 4.05%

Longmeadow Highbrass Trapper
05 Jul 2006
SR367523/01 Light Deadgrass, Hips=CB-9142G28M-VPI, Elbows=CB-EL1418M28-VPI, PRA=Clear By Parentage, DM=CB-DM431/33M-VPI, 5GenCOI=0.39%, 10GenCOI=4.54%

Ch Freezer's Quail Run T-K-O-Punch WDQ**
20 Jul 2000
SN783234/01 Light Brown, Hips=CB-7142G24M-PI, Elbows=CB-EL553M24-PI, Eyes=CB-4480/08-91*, PRA=PRCD:A, DM=CB-DM292/99M-VPI, CHIC=48306, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.85%

****Ch Clipper's Frozen Assets **
12 May 1997 SN464083/01 Brown, Hips=CB-6013G24M-T, Elbows=CB-EL280M24-T, Eyes=CB-3518/04-82*, PRA=PRCD:A, CHIC=48172, 5GenCOI=3.71%, 10GenCOI=8.53%

Ch Quail Run's Watership Down
13 Aug 1995 SN273220/01 Brown, Hips=CB-5404G26F-T, Elbows=CB-EL565F85-PI, Eyes=CB-4024/02-82*, BOD=Corneal dystrophy-epithelial/stromal, PRA=PRCD:A, Thyroid=CB-TH24/87F-PI, CHIC=48135, 5GenCOI=13.28%, 10GenCOI=17.96%

Longmeadow Piaget
17 Jan 2002
SN895359/13 Deadgrass, Hips=CB-7772G28F-PI, Elbows=CB-EL757F28-PI, Eyes=CB-4844/06-51*, PRA=Clear By Parentage, CHIC=48419, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.09%

Ch Sako MH***c
01 Jan 1995 SN316222/01 Brown, Hips=CB-5086G24M, Eyes=CB-2869N/02-84*, PRA=PRCD:A1, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.39%

Ch Pond Hollow Kilimanjaro
29 Jan 1999 SN624870/01 Deadgrass, Hips=CB-6584G24F-PI, Eyes=CB-4328/01-34, PRA=PRCD:A, 5GenCOI=3.13%, 10GenCOI=6.60%

Cheslabben Kaffe Latte
22 May 2007
SR642847/01, 11692/2007 Light Brown, Hips=CB-9306G25F-PI, Elbows=CB-EL1516F25-PI, DM=CB-DM1095/46F-NOPI-CAR, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=4.60%

EECh/FiUCh/IntUCh/NordV-01 Batzi's Mount Halifax WD
21 Apr 2000
, 5GenCOI=14.06%, 10GenCOI=16.67%

FiUCh/SeUCh Double Coat's Rocky Mountain
01 Jul 1997 41253/97(SKK) Brown, 5GenCOI=3.91%, 10GenCOI=7.56%

EECh/FiUCh/IntUCh Double Coat's Exorcett WDX
26 Apr 1998 26449/98(SKK) Deadgrass, PRA=PRCD:A, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.56%

Longmeadow's Danish Sandstorm
07 Apr 2004
22138/2004 Light Brown, PRA=Clear By Parentage, 5GenCOI=2.93%, 10GenCOI=7.11%

Ch Towerview R Big Loan Ranger
23 Jul 2002 SN922385/01 Dark Deadgrass, Hips=CB-7901G26M-PI, Elbows=CB-EL800M26-PI, Eyes=CB-4830/07-55*, PRA=PRCD:A1, DM=CB-DM437/49M-PI, Cardiac=CB-CA52/54M/C-PI, CHIC=48368, 5GenCOI=0.00%, 10GenCOI=3.35%

Pond Hollow Nigeria
08 Apr 2002 SN909082/01 Light Brown, Hips=CB-7736G24F-PI, Eyes=CB-4691/06-46*, BOD=Distichiasis, PRA=PRCD:A1, 5GenCOI=5.47%, 10GenCOI=9.39%