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Tuka ~ Service Dog

Tuka ~ Service Dog
Red Rocks Tucson- aka "Tuka" bred by Annie Ekels, is one of the very few Certified Service Dog Chesapeakes in the nation. Tuka is also registered with the Department of Health & Human Services for the state of New Jersey as an assistance dog. Tuka began life as a show dog- winning 2 Five Point Majors plus several Five Point Major Reserves at American Chesapeake Club Supported Dog shows. At the age of two Tuka came up with genetic fault and could not be used for breeding purposes, so we donated Tuka to Dogs In Service (DIS) a non profit organization based in Milford, NJ. Tuka excelled in the service dog training program with careful guidance from his handler and owner Susan Greenbaum.

For more info on Tuka and Dogs In Service go to http://www.barkinghills.com/dis/index.html